55-plus communities often include an outdoor fitness center

55-Plus Communities

Attract Residents to Your 55-Plus Community With an Outdoor Fitness Center

Everyone will eventually grow old, that's for sure. But growing older doesn’t have to mean becoming less active in life. As a developer of communities for people of ages 55+, we know you understand this truth. That’s why Sterling West, who has partnered with Norwell, is providing options for you to complement your desire to help older people remain active even as they age

Norwell’s outdoor fitness center will complement your community for the active adult. It will encourage senior citizen residents to stay active and healthy. With free outdoor fitness equipment readily available for them to use, they can exercise regularly without having to spend time traveling to a gym or buying clunky machines they have to find room for in their homes. They won’t have to go through the trouble of keeping and maintaining the devices as well. You can make their stay in the community more comfortable and convenient

By regularly availing themselves of Sterling West’s outdoor fitness center amenity, your 55-plus residents will benefit from an active and healthy life gained through using our outdoor fitness equipment. At a fragile age where they are easily affected by the spread of illness and environmental pollution particularly in urban areas, keeping an active lifestyle will help them maintain a healthy life during their delicate years. Norwell’s outdoor fitness stations are available in two sizes; one for adults and one for small adults. These stations are designed for all—from those challenged by physical limitations to the rather fit and mobile. Older people tend to be very sociable. Thus, the presence of an outdoor fitness center benefits their social life too. While exercising they can meet new acquaintances while spending time with good friends

Aside from the benefits provided to the elderly populace, a Norwell outdoor fitness center also adds aesthetic value to the community. The sweeping arched design of the stations are more like sculptured art work than machines. When installed at a strategic location, an outdoor fitness center can be visually appealing even for mere passersby who walk or drive past the community. For actual residents, the park will become a refreshing place to spend time with family and friends. For nonresidents, on the other hand, the park can be an attractive reason for them to choose your community over other places


Norwell Outdoor Fitness Center by Sterling West

As an authorized dealer, Sterling West can install a Norwell outdoor fitness center, which will benefit your community’s 55-plus residents and the entire neighborhood itself. We set up simple outdoor fitness equipment structures made of high-quality materials. We have over ten years of experience when it comes to park and recreation solutions. Let us establish your community as a beautiful and healthy place to live in through an outdoor fitness center.

We offer outdoor fitness equipment tailored for the exercise needs of elderly people. Stations target four major exercise principles including strength, cardio, balance, and stretch. The stations which will be installed include the seated chess press, the seated back or lat pull down, the sit-up station, the pull up station, the simple bar station, and the seated leg press for strength; the Air Walker, the Cross, the Stepper, and the hip station for cardio; the Twister and the Springer for balance; the stretch station, and the bench for stretch. Apps and QR codes on each piece help to instruct on how to use each station as well as tracking, sharing, and directing to videos for training on Norwell’s website.

Stations for strength help tone and strengthen various muscle groups including shoulders, triceps, chest, biceps, back, abdomen, leg, and calf. Cardio stations target hips, thighs, legs, calf, hip, abdomen, and back. Stations for balance empower the 55-plus for flexibility and coordination among these parts: lower back, hips, knees, and ankles. Lastly, stretch fitness stations target leg, arm, torso, shoulder, and back.

Request for a free proposal through our website and expect our staff to conduct an on-site analysis and evaluation to find out a strategic location where the devices are to be installed and what types of equipment are applicable.