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Our news is very important to you and to Sterling West. Our open lines of communication will provide you with our showcase of new and innovative products and services.

The playground, shade, park structures, and amenities industries are always transforming. Our Norwell outdoor fitness equipment is the pinnacle of classical outdoor exercise.

Our news will showcase new equipment and new ideas in our industry. We put brilliant designs in motion—stay connected. Tips will be provided to help use all our equipment safely. Direction for use of outdoor fitness equipment will be interesting. Any of Norwell’s outdoor fitness equipment can be used, not only for pleasure, but also for a regimented exercise program. We will provide you with direction on how to use each piece of equipment.

Planning for new equipment is always a challenge. Ideas and instructions will be available and posted to provide for the ease of your project. Our Sterling West service and products showcased here will give you confidence and every challenge of your project will be quickly responded to.

Your satisfaction is our motivation.

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