Sterling West offers outdoor fitness equipment for many cruise lines

Cruise Lines

Luxury cruise lines have a lot to offer their customers today.

Fine dining, swimming, and indoor gyms are available for vacationers to enjoy on their vacation. Even though some people take vacations to relax and do nothing, there are many customers who are looking for more to do on their trip, both indoors and outdoors.

For the past ten years, Norwell has established premium and artistic workout stations in parks and recreational areas. Sterling West, formally MotionUSA, has partnered with Norwell to become their exclusive distributor to cruise lines and caters to adults of all ages regardless of their prior workout experience. Today we want to further our company’s goal to reach anyone who is looking for a high-quality workout experience, on both land and sea.

Norwell is the leader in premium outdoor fitness equipment. We want to promote health and fitness to every community. The design of Norwell's equipment is intentionally minimalistic, allowing for these graceful arcs to be stationed conveniently in any small space, so deck space is not an issue. Each station is equipped with Smartphone Apps and QR code providing instructions, tracking, sharing scores, training videos, and more. Designed with an appeal of distinguished artwork, Norwell's fitness equipment is available in gray or custom colors can be requested to match your ship's color theme.

The premium outdoor fitness equipment allows for a full body workout in one station. They are designed to target four main areas: strength, cardio, balance, and stretching workouts.

The strength station includes:

  • The seated chest press
  • Seated lap pull down
  • Sit-up station
  • Pull up station
  • Simple bar station
  • Seated leg press

The cardio station includes:

  • Air Walker
  • The Cross
  • The Stepper
  • The hip station

The balance station includes:

  • The Twister
  • The Springer

The stretch station includes:

  • The stretch station
  • The bench

Each station only requires the combination of the person's body weight and repetition for a full workout, so there will be no additional weights cluttering your deck space. Each piece of equipment is clearly marked with color coded indicators to indicate which workout category it is designed to target. This allows for convenient and user-friendly operation. Customers will be able to come together to socialize and enjoy their fun in the sun all while working out all of their muscle groups. The sturdy hand grips and foot pads on each workout station provides a secure workout for your customers in hot, cold, or wet weather so these workout stations are ideal for trips from Alaska to the Caribbean or Greenland to the Mediterranean.

Every piece of equipment complies with the ASTM and EN standards for outdoor equipment. We take pride in the quality of the product, and they are mounted securely on your deck. Designed with the durability to last, our equipment is built with 2 3/8" heavy wall pipes, stainless steel fasteners, and ball bearing joints that are designed with integrity. This prevents the equipment from breaking down due to wear and tear in the future, even after being exposed to the salt water elements while traveling on the ocean.

Contact Sterling West today so that we may provide you with a free assessment for your luxury cruise ship and provide logistical services. Your design consultation will come with a full 3D imaging analysis.