Choose one of three different playground installation options

Delivery & Installation


Most projects arrive at our warehouse in Gothenburg, NE, before being delivered to the customer. We inventory the parts and combine them with in-stock items. This helps the installation go smoothly while saving the customer money by combing shipments. We stock items such as border timbers, rubber mulch, Ant Hill Climbers, benches, and wood mulch. We have our own delivery vehicles which makes it easy for us to coordinate deliveries in an orderly fashion.

We provide delivery and installation services for your playground system

Complete Installation

We offer three ways for park equipment to be installed. The customer can choose to do it all themselves, they can hire an install overseer who works with labor supplied by the customer, or we can install it for them. The most popular option is installation overseer. We hire experienced playground contractors to oversee these volunteer groups. Their knowledge of the trade and skill in handling an install crew make this a huge timesaver and relieves the stress of "doing it the first time."

If the customer chooses to hire us to complete the entire project, we hire experienced playground contractors to perform this installation for us. This relieves the customer of liability and ensures the project goes quickly and smoothly with little hassle for the customer. We carry liability insurance on all projects we do, our playground contractors carry insurance, and our suppliers have insurance so the customer is sufficiently covered.

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