Norwell's outdoor fitness stations can be used in all types of weather

Design & Installation

Design for Outdoor Fitness Stations

Sterling West offers free design and proposal services for outdoor fitness stations. We go to each site, analyze/measure the area, and talk with the customer and any interested parties involved in the buying process to get a real feel for what is expected from this outdoor fitness station installation. The main question we ask is, "What is the best outcome for this project?" We base all our proposals on the answer to that question so our customer gets exactly what they want in the end. We'll help make presentations to boards, committees, corporate executives, and other groups that may be involved in the project or decision making.

After the initial contact we present two or three options for the customer to consider. These options are presented in 3D images on large posters. Often we take pictures of the site and superimpose the new fitness stations on it. Changes to design or price proposals can be made at any time during the process. We work to make this as easy and vivid as possible. It's our pleasure to share the Norwell outdoor fitness stations with you!

Sample of Norwell's outdoor fitness stations

Delivery and Customer Service

Initial station shipments may take up to eight weeks to arrive on-site. Our customer service policy is "ship first and ask questions later."

White Glove Installation for Outdoor Fitness Stations

Sterling West offers three ways for outdoor fitness stations to be installed. The customer can choose to do it all themselves, they can hire an install overseer who works with labor supplied by the customer, or we can install it for them. The most popular option is "white glove" complete installation. We hire experienced, licensed contractors to perform this work. This relieves the customer of liability and ensures the project goes quickly and smoothly with little hassle for our customer. We carry liability insurance on all projects we do, our contractors carry insurance, and our suppliers carry insurance so the customer is sufficiently covered. More than anything else, we want satisfied customers who tell their friends who we are and what we're good at.