Features of outdoor exercise with Norwell

Features of Outdoor Exercise

Norwell's outdoor fitness equipment promotes the idea of outdoor exercise. Powered by human energy, this is truly sustainable fitness. Besides the immediate effects of physical fitness, outdoor exercise also invigorates the mind. Outdoor exercise is free and available to everyone, including the use of Norwell's outdoor fitness equipment. We want to ensure a healthy, safe, and green world for everyone.

Norwell equipment also adds to the beauty of the surroundings as well as encouraging a healthier and more fit community. The modern arch design and premium construction provides innovation that fits people and is shaped after people. Workouts can be tracked on a smartphone using the Norwell apps for those wishing to track their progress.

Sterling West's mission is to create brilliant designs set in motion, and the Norwell line of outdoor fitness equipment is a natural extension of that concept. Let the fun begin by encouraging outdoor exercise on your trails, parks, school playground, retirement community, resort, or cruise ship.

Norwell equipment encourages outdoor exercise