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Free Onsite Consultation

Putting up a playground or park requires several procedures and well-organized planning. To provide the community or your family a place to relax and have fun, it is important to have the best equipment and design altogether.

A play area or a park is a place where anybody and anyone can relax, have fun, and enjoy. Facilities and amenities here should also be safe and durable so everyone may feel secured and comfortable. In line with this, Sterling West can definitely help in putting up the best park or playground for the community and for your family.

Sterling West offers free a onsite consultation for schools and municipalities who wish to have equipment installed or plan to install themselves with a certified overseer. Sterling West has Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) to assure our customers that equipment is properly installed and to guarantee all safety standards are maintained at time of install.

With Sterling West, any recreation area will become a comfortable and beautiful haven for those who wish to relax and have fun.

Ask us about our free onsite consultation services for parks and playgrounds

Installation Consulting

Sterling West offers free design and proposal services. We go to the customer's site, research the area, talk to the customer, and talk to any interested parties involved in the buying process to get a real feel for what is expected from a playground upgrade. The major question we ask is, "What is the best outcome for this project." We base all of our proposals on the answer to that question so the customer gets exactly what they want in the end, not just what we want to sell them.

We'll make presentations to PTA/PTO, park boards, committees, and other groups who are involved with the project. We know some of these meetings take place in the evening but we are willing to come at any time to talk to the group. This emphasizes our flexibility in dealing with big group decisions.

After the initial contact we come up with two to three options for the customer to consider. These options are presented in 3D images on large posters. Often we can take picture of the site and superimpose the new playground into it. We print large, laminated posters for students, parents, teachers, or the community to look at and vote on. It is strongly encouraged to get involvement from any stakeholder because this is an investment for the future.