Loose fill surfacing is affordable and convenient

Loose Fill Surfacing

Loose fill surfacing is still the most used playground ground cover. This can be attributed to the fact that loose fill materials are convenient and affordable. Aside from these, the absorbing quality of loose fill surfaces makes any playground look warm and natural. However, these surfaces require greater maintenance as compared to other types of playground ground cover. Regular raking and top ups must be maintained.

Some of the materials used for loose fill surfacing include gravel, rubber mulch or shredded rubber, sand, wood fiber as well as chips and other loosely fitted items. Loose fill surfacing only works with natural soil and should not be installed in asphalt based flooring or concrete floors. Engineered wood fiber and rubber crumb mulch are ADA accessible.

Sterling West provides a wide variety of loose fill surfacing materials. You can choose one or a combination of both. We provide, deliver, and unload playground loose fill surfacing exactly where you need them. We can inspect your playground location, write reports, offer necessary recommendations, (i.e. how much filling will be needed for a specific measured playground area). Then we will provide the filling materials, and unload them where they need to be.

Contact Sterling West today for a free quote of how much loose fill surfacing services cost for your playground.

A sample of loose fill surfacing on a playground