Add value to your luxury apartments with an outdoor fitness park

Luxury Apartments

Create Luxury Through Outdoor Fitness Parks

Your luxury apartment will have an added opulence with the presence of a Norwell outdoor fitness park. It’s an amenity your apartment complex can simply not be without! Sterling West will design the perfect space for your residents to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. We can offer the perfect package for adults and kids, an inspirational guide to fitness for all!

Outdoor fitness parks are becoming more popular every day as people strive to be physically active and healthy. Luxury apartments are a primary location for providing this valuable service. In addition, you'll find these services present in all types of places including educational institutions, hospitals or health care centers, public parks, cruise ships, resorts, hotels, recreational areas, and more. So if your luxury apartment complex has not yet taken advantage of what an outdoor fitness park can offer, you’re definitely missing out on offering more for your residents!

Luxury apartments featuing a Norwell outdoor fitness park

Why Your Luxury Apartments Need an Outdoor Fitness Park

Aside from being true to the brand of a luxury apartment, outdoor fitness parks provide various other benefits. When installed at the welcoming area of an apartment complex such as the lawn in the parking area, it will add more beauty to your property. The sweeping arched design of Norwell’s fitness stations are more like sculptured art works than machines. It can function as an additional part of your apartment’s landscape, garden, or park. It will become inviting and enticing for nonresidents, as well as be appealing for those who already reside in the area, and will simply make your property even more beautiful for mere passersby. It gives important social benefits as it quickly becomes a natural and intergenerational meeting point for people of all walks of life. By using the smartphone apps and QR code on each piece of equipment, you can track, share, train, and get instructions on the usage of each station.

But the most important aspect is the benefit that an outdoor fitness park will bring to one's health. While most luxury apartment owners can actually afford to set up a mini-gym inside their homes or to at least purchase a few pieces of fitness equipment, not everyone will be bothered to do so, particularly busy folks who barely have time for other activities outside their work schedule. The existence of an outdoor fitness park ushering them out of the apartment area or welcoming them back home after work hours will encourage people to exercise. With the equipment already available through your apartment property, they are afforded easy access to quality fitness equipment outdoors!

With the exercise facilities also located at prominent areas of an apartment complex, it can cater to a number of individuals at the same time. This benefits the residents socially as well, since they are able to mix and mingle with the rest of their neighbors living in the same luxury apartments. It creates an opportunity to be acquainted with new faces and to spend time with close friends.

While some exercise machines only target limited muscle groups, outdoor fitness parks offer a complete set of exercise equipment that is essential for a total body workout. These devices can be used with the objective of a complete exercise routine.

At Sterling West we believe that Norwell outdoor fitness equipment will pave the way for a new trend in public and private locations. The company also applies 3D imaging during the development process, simple designs, and high-quality materials for the outdoor fitness equipment stations.

Earlier, we mentioned about offering a complete set of exercise stations for a holistic approach to exercise. Sterling West offers exercise stations built for strength, cardio, balance, and stretch.

For strength exercises, devices to be installed include the seated chess press, the seated back or lap pull down, the sit-up station, the pull up station, the simple bar station, and the seated leg press. For cardio, stations include the Air Walker, the Cross, the Stepper, and the hip station. For balance, the Twister and the Springer are available. For stretch, the stretch station and the bench are offered.

Contact Sterling West today for a free assessment of your luxury apartments. A free proposal will be provided after the on-site analysis. We know exactly what luxury apartments need when it comes to outdoor fitness equipment and we will help you accomplish it!