Stainless steel merry-go-rounds are available through Sterling West

Merry-Go-Rounds & Playground Spinners

Playground spinners are playground equipment offered by Sterling West which can be used independently or by individuals playing in a group. The play on the spinners involves a means of developing kinesthetic awareness and ability. Strength can also be developed through play on playground spinners or merry-go-rounds. Use of playground spinners during play also enables the individual playing on the equipment to improve her/his posture through having to maintain an upright position despite the motion caused by the playground equipment.

Play on playground spinners or merry-go-rounds is also beneficial because it gives children a means of getting valuable sensory stimulation at a time in society when children are exposed to a wide variety of passive entertainment, including television, video games, and computer access. Playground spinners and merry-go-rounds further encourage interactive play among children when a group of individuals is present. Thus, they are ideal not only for independent play, but can be diverted to a group-play device with little modification if multiple children are present.

The new merry-go-rounds offered by Sterling West are all stainless steel and wheelchair accessible. This allows children of all abilities to interact socially and enjoy the rush of merry-go-round play.

Playground spinners and merry-go-rounds are excellent accessories for a commercial playground setting or even for a child's backyard, as they are so adaptable to any sized group. Top quality durable playground spinners and merry-go-rounds may be ordered and obtained from the suppliers used by Sterling West to outfit your commercial playground or private yard to delight the children in your life!

Playground spinners can be used independently or with multiple children