Design your modular play systems through Sterling West

Modular Play Systems

Modular play systems are a group of modules that fit together to form playgrounds of various sizes, shapes, challenges, and accessibility.

With Sterling West's modular play systems there are endless options for thrills and challenges for your playground, no matter the budget or size. Customize your site with slides, climbers, accessories, and play panels to bring your ideas to life.

Modular play systems for commercial playgrounds are the ultimate option in playground fun and excitement offering many activities in one large system. Choose from our selection of designs including Traditional Play, Free Play, Net Play, or Themed Play.

All children love the idea of playing outdoors. It is so much fun for them when they get to play outdoors on various kinds of playground equipment. Falling and getting hurt while playing is inescapable and is hard to be avoided. Therefore, child safety and quality become determining factors while selecting the proper playground equipment and most important is a proper certified surfacing under the play structure. Modular play systems are designed with safety in mind.