Sterling West provides premium made outdoor fitness equipment by Norwell.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Sterling West is an authorized dealer of Norwell outdoor fitness equipment. Norwell manufactures premium outdoor fitness equipment that will bring prestige and purpose to its owner by promoting a health and wellness trend within the community.

You can encourage an active lifestyle by offering intelligently designed fitness stations conveniently located nearby in the great outdoors to adults and kids, including those challenged by physical limitations.

Imagine the stimulation yet tranquility of an early morning walk outdoors in the fresh, crisp air. Imagine the power boost and balance that comes from a mid-day stretch; the peaceful yet vivacious evening stroll. Now enter outdoor fitness equipment. Norwell outdoor fitness equipment packages all this in a perfect bundle for any size, space, landscape, or trail, along with innovative apps on every station.

First, let's look at the Norwell design. Norwell's equipment is designed to be minimalistic. It literally rises out of the ground in a graceful arc. You instantly notice there are no large signs, obtrusive posts, or gaudy colors. It respects and complements the surrounding landscape. Their equipment is available in two sizes: adults and kids. Gray is the standard color with optional custom colors available upon request.

Second, let's look at function. Norwell's outdoor fitness equipment is categorized four ways: Strength, Cardio, Balance, and Stretch. Each station has a colored band which tells what category it is, how to use that station, and what major muscle group it exercises. A range of special tools is available to support and inspire training, such as the Norwell App for Smartphones, QR codes on each station, and fitness guides and training videos. The Junior App supports Game Center on iOS units. We can help you design your settings so users will receive a total workout each time they visit the set. The Norwell line of outdoor fitness equipment is designed for body weight resistance, which means it's focused on repetitions rather than artificial resistance. We believe this is safe for any user and uncomplicated to operate.

Third, let's look at Norwell's product integrity. They have the finest quality of outdoor fitness equipment. Period. Danish design and fabrication ensures premium quality equipment which eliminates frustrations for years to come. Heavy wall 2 3/8" steel pipe, stainless steel fasteners, and ball bearing joints are engineered for integrity under the toughest conditions. Unique hand grips and foot pads are molded in place to prevent removal while keeping the user comfortable in cold and hot weather. Installations are made below grade level so unsightly face plates are not exposed and vandals cannot remove the station without difficulty. All equipment fully complies with ASTM and EN standards for outdoor fitness equipment.

And last but not least, benefits! Sterling West, formerly known as MotionUSA, supplies outdoor fitness equipment that brings people who have the same motionUSA is now part of the Sterling West companyinterests together, especially among older adults. It increases mental awareness in corporate or learning environments. It breaks up the routine walk into segments where all muscle groups can work out. The ID band on each fitness station indicates the type of equipment, offers suggestions for efficient exercises, and the QR code leads directly to training videos. It gives parents and grandparents something to do while their child is having fun on the playground equipment. It gives fitness trainers a whole tool belt full of fun things to do as well as make your own training program. The list goes on and on.

By using Norwell’s innovative apps, you can combine technology and exercise in a fun and motivating way to:

  • Keep track of reps/count/distance/time on each station
  • Collect and combine stats for each team and group
  • “Share” your scores on Facebook or other social media
  • Get instruction and training for each station
  • Find the closest Norwell park via GPS map

Whether it is for adults or kids, Sterling West is proud to offer Norwell's industry-leading outdoor fitness equipment because it is backed by solid design elements;  premium quality, first-rate customer service; and plenty of good ideas. That means you will be working with a company that has created its own rules which exceed your expectations and brings a truly unique product to your environment.