Norwell smartphone apps help you achieve the most from Norwell's outdoor fitness equipment.

Norwell Smartphone Apps

The Norwell smartphone apps uniquely combine new technology and exercise in a fun and motivating way.

A successful outdoor fitness park requires more than just an ideal location and great equipment—it requires motivated users that know how to get the most out of the stations. The Norwell smartphone apps provide just this solution. Instructions are displayed showing all of the various ways to use each station. By tracking results, motivation is also provided whether it is trying to set a new personal record or beating your friends.

By using Norwell's innovative apps, you can:

  • Keep track of reps, count, distance, and time on each station
  • Share your scores on Facebook
  • Collect and combine stats for each team and group
  • Get instruction and training for each station

The Norwell smartphone apps work on iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android devices. Additionally, the Junior App supports Game Center on iOS units. You can download the apps at the app store and Google Play and also via the Norwell website, where you will find full instructions of use.

Norwell Senior Fitness Park


Norwell Junior Fitness Park


You can also download a PDF flyer on how to use the apps here.

QR Codes Give Access to Inspiration

The ID band on each Norwell fitness station not only indicates type of equipment, it also contains a QR code leading directly to training videos. The videos show several different suggestions for efficient exercise on each fitness station. They can inspire you to get the most out of your efforts training on the stations and even to make your own training program.