Outdoor drinking fountains are a necessity at any park or playground

Outdoor Drinking Fountains

Your public or private park is never complete without outdoor drinking fountains. And Sterling West understands this need. We present outdoor drinking fountains which blend well with the overall theme, color scheme, style, and visitor type your park caters to. Even a dog needs a drink and we can provide outdoor drinking fountains for their refreshment. You can browse through pre-designed fountains or create your own. We can even upgrade existing outdoor drinking fountains for a more modern look or to make them match the kind of park they embody. We inspect the location, make an analysis, offer suggestions, propose the project, and make it a hassle-free successful purchase for our customers.

Types of Outdoor Drinking Fountains Available

Sterling West has outdoor drinking fountains made of stone, metal, or a combination of both. You may even order electronically powered fountains which will automatically generate water without visitors handling anything so as to ward off germs. Otherwise, you can always opt for the classic and traditional push button or foot pedal enabled drinking fountains. Pet fountains are popular and a dish can be attached at ground level to a fountain.

Choose your style, design, color, size, and measurements to make your outdoor drinking fountain exactly how you need it to be. Whichever item you prefer, we make sure each product is vandal resistant, especially since they're displayed or installed in a public park.

Contact Sterling West today for a catalog of all outdoor drinking fountains currently offered and get a free quote on the model of your choice.