Keep your park clean by having outdoor trash receptacles nearby where people gather

Outdoor Trash Receptacles

With Sterling West, outdoor trash receptacles are not merely trash receptacles. Find suitable outdoor trash receptacle and bins which matches the theme, size, location, and population of your park and other public place where the receptacles are to be placed. Choose beyond the usual plastic or metal trash receptacle. Get innovative, eco-friendly, and even customized trash receptacles which can accommodate from 10 gallons to as much as 52 gallons of waste material disposed.

Let your park be a shining example of pet-friendly thinking. We offer Dogi-Pot and Pet Waste Stations with replacement dispensers or receptacles. Ask us about our pet waste stations; our friendly representatives will be glad to assist you.

Check out various shapes, styles, designs, colors, and sizes of outdoor trash receptacles made from molded plastic. You will also find steel-made trash receptacles which feature galvanized steel frames and overall perforated steel build. PVC coated receptacles are also available. All these are tried and tested to withstand natural elements such as rain and sun.

UV resistant bins are also offered. These last longer than non-UV resistance treated receptacles which easily fades with the heat of the sun. Browse through various outdoor trash receptacle varieties available at Sterling West. All products are manufactured by only the top brands for bins and receptacles in the market today. If you do not find exactly what you need from what is currently available, you may also contact us today for a free quote of customized and personalized trash receptacles.