Park shelters provide a place for people to gather with protection from the elements

Park Shelters

Keep your parks accommodating with park shelters. Provide instant shade from the sun or shelter from the wind, cold, and rain. Sterling West helps you with the quest for only the best park shelters in the nation. Find various options for park shelters from only the best builders in the U.S. today. You can also sit down with us and discuss a specific design you have in mind.

Some of the park shelter types you can choose from include square shelters, hexagon shelters, octagon shelters, gabled shelters, hipped shelters, traditional bay steel framed shelters, transit series bus stop shelters, center post shelters, performance series shelters (featuring the Opus series), sports shelters (goal team and referee), gazebos (including botanical accent), pergolas, and wood shelters including laminated wood structures and wood structures.

Contact Sterling West today for a free quote of park shelter construction using wood frames or for the complete selection of wood frame products. You may combine two or more wood frame styles for a more customized and personalized look.