Patio umbrella sample

Patio Umbrellas

If you're in need for shade structures that are semi-permanent for your park, patio umbrellas are best for you. Unlike shelters, these do not need to be built, but unlike shade sails, these are not temporary. They can be considered a cross-breed between permanent shelters and temporary shade sails.

Sterling West offers varying patio umbrellas from only the top manufacturers today. Choose patio umbrellas of various shapes, colors, sizes, designs, and styles. Purchase and install pre-built patio umbrellas or order a personalized product. You may also buy chairs and tables separately or pick an umbrella with pre-installed furnishings. A customized patio umbrella with added chairs and tables can also be purchased.

Choose your own metal and fabric color. Some of your options include black, blue, brown, white, red, green, orange, purple, teal, burgundy, fuchsia, tan, beige, cream, silver, yellow, turquoise, sun blaze, and so much more.

As for sizes, you will find patio umbrellas with single or dual column and see shapes of square, hexagonal, and so much more. Get the usual fabric roofing material or pick plastic umbrella roofing instead. For a sturdier umbrella, you can also incorporate other materials including wood, metal, or stone for the roof or post section.

Contact Sterling West today for a complete lineup of all pre-built patio umbrellas or get a free quote for customization work.

This patio umbrella is placed over a swimming pool at a private home