Every park needs picnic tables!

Picnic Tables

Among park furniture offered at Sterling West, you will find picnic tables of varying sizes, colors, design, build, and materials used. Find round or octagon, square, and elongated picnic tables with or without seats attached. Attached seats are often 2 to 4 in number and follow the contour of the table, as well as ADA accessible. Round, octagon, and square picnic tables available measures 46” on average while elongated tables normally measure 7 ft. up to 9 ft. These often come in the following pre-painted manufacturer colors including the popular black, grey, brown, blue, red, green, orange, and yellow. Non-traditional colors which include vanilla, ivory, teal, and burgundy, to name a few, are also available. As always, you can customize and personalize color or style to suit your personal taste or the overall scheme of the park. You can even promote local pride by adding a logo to some picnic tables to make it personalized for your city or school.

We offer a range of picnic tables for outdoor eating areas which feature matching table and chair sets. Umbrellas or shade structures make patrons more comfortable. As for materials used, choose from steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, or fiberglass varieties. Stainless steel is the most durable in our premium line of picnic tables. There are innovative designs including a tough coat variety which feature expanded steel with rolled edges. For wood types, find patriotic picnic tables made from native wood including redwood and pine. You may also find eco-friendly picnic tables made from recycled materials. Get in touch with Sterling West today for a complete catalogue of all picnic tables available from various renowned manufacturers. You may also request for a free quote of customized picnic tables designed and built according to your specifications.

A Sterling West project with picnic tables and a shade