Playground climbing walls can be ordered to match your current color theme

Playground Climbing Walls

Playground climbing walls and structures are some of the best pieces of equipment a playground can have. Climbing is a great way for kids to be active while having lots of fun. They encourage use of major muscle groups and active imaginations for children of all ages. Sterling West offers dozens of choices of playground climbing walls including solid walls, clear plastic, pipe mesh, and many others. The climbing holds come in all colors and styles so you can have a variety of choices for all sizes of hands. The playground climbing walls you choose may have cut-out holds, ledges, or bumps to provide ultimate fun. When you are planning your playground, you will want to include one or more climbing structures in the design. Children love to climb. Offer them the best opportunities with your new playground from Sterling West. We can guide you through the process of choosing the right playground climbing walls and structures for the site you are building on.

Playground climbing walls help children build strength and endurance