No play system is complete without a playground slide

Playground Slides

Playground equipment available from Sterling West geared toward encouraging independent play also extends to slides. Slides have long been favorites of backyard and playground play for children. Playground slides are available in many different sizes and made from many types of materials, from tiny colorful plastic slides enjoyed by tots to large and elaborate metal structures which have adorned commercial playgrounds and municipal parks for eons.

Play on a playground slide encourages children to acquire balance and strength through climbing the ladder to the top in order to slide down. The child also learns the social skill of waiting her/his turn to use the equipment.

Playground slides may be enjoyed during group play and serve as an excellent example of playground equipment that can be used during individual play as well. The playing child experiences the freedom of using the slide alone, and yet can enjoy being part of a group at the same time.

Sterling West makes an extensive offering of playground slides available to its clientele for use at a variety of different types of locations. Search the current catalog or the website to find the playground slide that will delight the youngsters in your area!

Colorful playground slides designed by Sterling West