Use playground tiles to provide a safer environment for kids

Playground Tiles

Playground tiles provide a durable, safer, and more permanent playground ground surface option for commercial or residential and private or public parks. Playground tiles are often comprised of bonded rubber and a combination of other compatible materials.

Playground tiles require less maintenance than the more widely used loose fill surfacing products. These are also known to be more durable, more permanent, and safer to use than its counterparts including loose fills. The durability is coupled with elasticity and flexibility, making them a safer option for playgrounds which cater to children. These can provide protection and act as a cushion for children.

Playground tiles are also easy to install. Anyone is able to follow the instructions in order to have them installed. For larger surface areas, professional installation maybe required. Sterling West can estimate how many playground tiles you need based on your playground area.

Aside from the usual bonded rubber, we know for playground tiles, a new trend in the market today is eco-friendly tiles. These are made from recycled rubber and other materials. Sterling West offers environmentally friendly tiles as well as traditional rubber.

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Playground tiles under a Sterling West swing set