Commercial playground equipment is irresistible to children

Commercial Playground Equipment

The two main types of commercial playground equipment are Modular Play Systems and Independent Play. Both are available to create a fun-magnet in your site, whether the area you are outfitting is at a commercial park, school, church, or preschool.

Modular play systems is commercial playground equipment in the traditional form of decks, slides, climbers, roofs, and elevated walkways. This favorite is affordable and easy to install. Recent innovations in modular play systems add rock climbing, nets, and tall slides. American Disabilities Act requires each playground to be accessible for users of varying abilities. Modular play systems can easily be made accessible with the addition of ADA ramps and stairs.

New trends in commercial playground equipment are Free Play which is pyramid climbing nets, realistic rock walls, and innovative rope/climber combinations with no specific entry or exit points. Kids can challenge themselves in a safe environment using balance, coordination, and strength to navigate through the playground. These same skills can be transferred to everyday lives. It helps the child make wise decisions and encourages controlled risk-taking all within the playground.

These two types of commercial playground equipment promote spirited group activity in a relaxed and open setting. Designed for interactive frolic among playing children, both types of playground equipment are calculated to engage the youngsters, teaching them sports skills and developing strength at the same time. Through group play, children learn much more than the rules of the game: they experience the give and take of team play. Having these accessories on hand at your park or playground will afford many hours of both structured play and unstructured imaginative play.

Sterling West is here to help guide you through the complex decision-making process you face as a committee or buyer of commercial playground equipment. Contact us to schedule a face-to-face visit with you and your committee. We do detailed site analysis visits and take pictures of your site. In the end, you get the playground you're dreaming about and the kids get to have fun!

Sample of a commercial playground equipment 3D design