Consider a Norwell resort fitness park for your property

Resort Fitness Parks

A resort fitness park can add value and improve guest satisfaction at your resort.

Do you want to add value and beauty to your property while increasing guest satisfaction and revenue? Would you like to capitalize on the growing numbers of travelers who actively seek out resorts with unique, memorable fitness amenities? If so, you need an outdoor fitness park from Sterling West using Norwell’s equipment. An outdoor fitness park helps establish your resort as one which encourages active lifestyles for guests of all ages and abilities, giving your property a competitive advantage over other destinations.

Outdoor resort fitness parks provide great benefits:

  • Resort fitness parks help transform basic lawns and outdoor areas into high-value amenities that attract visitors to your property. A Norwell outdoor fitness park encourages guests to actively interact with each other and the environment, breathing life into an otherwise unused outdoor area.
  • Many users can enjoy a resort fitness park simultaneously, allowing your guests the freedom to exercise whenever they want. Once installed, these functional, durable pieces require minimal maintenance which can easily be preformed by your existing staff.
  • Norwell’s fitness stations are equipped with smartphone apps and QR codes. The apps keep track of reps/counts/distance/time on each station, combine stats for each team or group, share scores on social media as well as give instructions, training, and more. Can’t ask for anything more up to date than that!
  • Resort fitness park installations are adaptable to a wide range of users including those with limited mobility and varying levels of fitness. Just like in traditional gyms, at a resort fitness park users can enjoy a challenging full-body workout including strength, balance, and cardio training.

A Norwell resort fitness park is an affordable alternative to other exercise facilities such as a pool, tennis court, or indoor gym.

Fitness stations are available individually or as part of a complete, customized package, allowing you to choose the right equipment for your facility. An outdoor resort fitness park is an excellent way to enhance your property, turning your landscaped spaces into practical, functional amenities that enhance the overall image and atmosphere of your resort. At Sterling West, we design, provide, and install high-quality outdoor exercise equipment, providing our customers with long-lasting, attractive pieces that encourage health and wellness among their guests. To find out more about how we can provide a free, customized solution for your outdoor space, contact Sterling West today.

Norwell resort fitness parks