Shade sails are perfect for placing over the corner of a swimming pool

Shade Sails

Among shade structures, shade sails are practically perfect for parks with a limited budget. Not only are these affordable, they are also flexible and versatile and can be installed just about anywhere within the vicinity of the park. Aside from affordability and flexibility, shade sails are also safe and can replace permanent shade structures such as shelters, gazebos, and pergolas. Shade sails require minimal maintenance and can be installed or uninstalled as needed.

Shade sails are best installed atop playgrounds, park equipment, and anywhere else in public or private parks. Sails are available in varying basic shapes including round, square, rectangular, triangular, and more artistic designs or styles. You will also find attractive colors that are cool and comfortable at the same time due to the materials used.

Sterling West understands how shade sails are best for your budget and park needs. We offer various pre-built shade sails you can choose from. We can also arrange to have your shade sails installed for you. You may also order customized shade sails we can specifically build for you or can commission manufacturers to design and build the sails on your behalf.

These shade sails give the playground an almost whimsical appearance