Our shade structures come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials

Shade Structures

Sterling West designs, builds, and upgrades your shade structures for a more appealing park equipment furnishing. Find pre-built, pre-designed, and pre-installed shade structures including square or rectangular, roofs, shade sails, and umbrella products. All shade structures offered are of high quality built and made by top product manufacturers. All customized and personalized shade structures built, designed, and upgraded for you on the other hand are sealed with the Sterling West reputation for top-notch made products.

Care and Maintenance of Shade Structures

During the winter season you may want to consider removing your shade structures, cleaning them, and placing them in storage. For your convenience, you may download the shade structures care and maintenance pdf file to help the job go smoothly, ensuring a long life for your shade structures. 

Grants Available for Shade Structures

Ask Sterling West about available grants for your shade structures. Sun protection is so important and yet everyone needs to be outdoors and everyone wants to be outdoors. Have your fundraising committees or persons in charge of the project contact Sterling West and a knowledgeable sales person will direct you to the right source. Why not? Grants are available, just for the asking!