A Sterling West playground with spring riders

Spring Riders

Spring riders, also known as spring bouncers, make an ideal addition to any community playground or personal backyard. These colorful quality play items offer children a playground activity on safe, fun, durable equipment. All equipment is certified for commercial use in parks, schools, or even a big backyard. Spring riders are produced in popular shapes, including animals such as horses, dogs, and elephants, and other fun designs such as spaceships, boats, and frogs.

The delightful figures making up the world of spring riders and bouncers are ideal for individual play as well as play accomplished in a group setting. Being able to enjoy these quality spring riders individually affords the child a time for acquiring the ability to play alone. Sharing these toys in a play group or playground setting gives children an opportunity to learn to share and socialize in groups as they enjoy the spring riders together.

Look to Sterling West to supply your spring riders and spring bouncers as you set up your play area and watch the smiles on your kid’s faces!

Spring riders come in a variety of shapes from animals to cars and rocket ships