Steel frame park shelters provide the most durable structure

Steel Frame Park Shelters

The best park shelters are of steel frames. So if your park shelters are not steel frames yet, it's best to upgrade or start building a steel frame park shelter now. Choose from existing styles and designs from only the top builders and contractors all over the U.S. through Sterling West. You may also come up with your own personalized and customized steel frame park shelter based on your preferences on style, design, color, size, and more.

Find elegant steel frames incorporated with the all-time favorite designs including traditional bay steel frame shelters, bus stop shelters, center post shelters, and Opus performance shelters. For traditional bay steel frames, find gabled bay shelters, hipped bay shelters, and ornamental bay shelters. For the Opus series, built with a laminated beam, Baltimore series, Charlotte series, Cambria series, and the laminated breaker beam. For bus stop steel frame shelters, install the transit or the transit crescent series. For center post steel frame park shelters, you may choose the all-steel gabled style, steel frame gabled, all-steel hipped, steel frame hipped, and all-steel eight sides.

Speaking of eight sides, you may also choose varying sides options including four sides, six sides, eight sides, gabled, hipped, and 2-tier, 3-tier options.