Sterling West can customize a wood frame park shelter for you

Wood Frame Park Shelters

Wood frame park shelters, aside from the usual steel frames for park shelters, are also available. These incorporate the classic and elegant look of wood with park shelters. Your options are many.

Traditional Wood

Nothing beats native and patriotic wood products for frames. Some of the wood frames to choose from include lumberjack Dutch hip, lumberjack gable, forest hills Dutch hip, forest hills gable, wood center post (also in 8"), and all-weather wood to name a few.

Rustic Wood

Rustic wood frames utilize the same traditional wood frames with a few twists. Incorporate other wood varieties including cedar and pine. These can be used for shingles. You may also install fiberglass shingles. You may also create custom parts for sidings, roof decking, columns, fascia, wood trusses, roof cap, and more.

Laminated Wood

Laminated wood frames are available in stretched six sided shelter, four sided shelter (40" inch also offered), six sides, eight sides, rainbow arched eight sides, solid arch six sides, wood beam gabled, rainbow arch gabled, and so much more.

Lamboo Wood

We have just introduced Lamboo. This is a beautiful and structurally sound bamboo laminate.

Choose from a variety of wood frame park shelters